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Looking for answers to your pressing questions? We know how concerning a time this can be if you are looking for help with your cultivation facility. Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact us for more answers!

Does Canna Klean remediate flower and products?

No, Canna Klean does not remediate flower or products. Instead, they eliminate the source and root cause inside a cannabis cultivation facility causing repeated lab failures. 

What states does Canna Klean offer services in?

Currently we serve Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York. We will consult anywhere in the USA that cannabis is legal virtually or in person. 

Where is Canna Klean based?

We are based in Franklin, MA, but will travel to wherever our services are needed! 

What different types of facilities does Canna Klean work with?

Canna Klean works with indoor cultivation facilities including sealed greenhouses, cannabis manufacturing facilities, and cannabis dispensaries.

What does Canna Klean test for?

Canna Klean facilitates testing for total yeast and mold, aerobic bacteria, bile tolerant gram-negative bacteria, and coliforms which are the main categories that cause cannabis facilities to fail lab testing. We also facilitate testing for many different plant pathogens including HpLVd.

What levels of contamination do you clean/decontaminate?

We decontaminate all levels of contamination. From basic grow room turnovers utilizing surface level cleaning methods, to deep cleanings of HVAC systems, Canna Klean handles any contamination issues. We are not a janitorial company, we are cannabis cultivation facility and dispensary decontamination specialists. We handle insurance claims for disasters including water damage, fire damage, sewer damage, and high humidity events compromising the crop or products. We are available 24/7 and will work with and directly bill your insurance provider for any covered loss on your insurance policy.

Does Canna Klean offer discreet services?

Yes, Canna Klean offers discreet services whenever necessary.

What is the difference between decontamination and remediation?
-Decontamination is a process used for surface level contaminations. We are able to utilize HEPA/ULPA vacuums followed by specialty fogging which eliminates surface contaminations.
-Remediation is a process used when there is a deeply rooted contamination like mold and microbial colonies hidden behind walls or inside of HVAC systems. The process begins with investigative environmental sampling performed by a 3rd party certified industrial hygienist. The environmental sampling targets the vector(s) inside the facility causing the flower/product lab failures. This process utilizes specialty containment systems to contain the areas of the building that are contaminated. The containment zone is HEPA filtered and under negative air which allows Canna Klean to physically remove the contamination safely without it spreading to other areas of the facility. Once the contamination is removed, we remediate the areas using our 4-step process which includes specific chemistries used to eliminate the pathogens being targeted.
What chemicals do you use?

We only use chemicals that are safe for use in a cannabis facility and around the crop. We use a proprietary process, and therefore do not reveal the specific chemistries used until a facility has signed a contract with us. Once we have a signed contract, we share all chemistry SDS sheets with the facility so they can update their SDS binder and stay compliant with the regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

What does Canna Klean not work on or decontaminate?

Canna Klean does not work on or decontaminate irrigation systems. We can help evaluate if the irrigation system is contaminated using water testing, but it is the facility’s responsibility to handle the decontamination of the system. 

Does Canna Klean offer construction re-build services?

Yes, Canna Klean handles any job in its entirety from demolition to remediation and finally re-construction with proper mold/microbial resistant substrates. 

Is the Canna Klean office open 24/7?

No, the office is open business hours Mon-Fri. The 24/7 disaster response is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone. 

How long does the remediation/decontamination process take?

The remediation and decontamination process times vary dependent upon the severity of the contamination and the size of the facility. Each facility has its own set of unique challenges, and the facility’s production schedule is one of the biggest hurdles that we work around. Our goal is to minimize any impact to production and to allow the facility to keep functioning while we are doing our work. We work hand in hand with the facility team to come up with a plan that reduces the impact to production and maintains employee safety at all times. We have had jobs that take 1-2 weeks to jobs that take 1-2 months. Timing is all dependent on the scope of work.

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