Cultivation Process &

Facility Contamination Mapping

We Eliminate the Invisible Enemies that Plague Your Facility

Are failing lab tests hurting your cannabis company’s profits? Canna Klean & Remediation has the solution. We identify and eliminate contamination in your facility, so your team can keep producing revenue-driving products. Our streamlined process minimizes disruption to your production levels while addressing the root cause of the issue. Say goodbye to costly flower and product remediation techniques. Invest in prevention with Canna Klean & Remediation.


The main pathogen categories that cause cannabis flower to fail testing are yeast & mold, aerobic bacteria, bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria, and coliforms.

Many cannabis cultivation facilities experience repeated failing lab test results due to a pathogen in one or all of these categories. Getting to the source and root cause of why the cannabis keeps failing is often very difficult for a facility to identify and eliminate on their own.

Facility Sanitation SOPs

We thoroughly review all facility sanitation SOPs and best practices.

Cultivation Process & Drying Process SOPs

Our commercial cultivation experts review all cultivation process and drying process SOPs to evaluate if the contamination is happening due to an issue with the process.

Process, or Building Issue?

There are many situations where a facility may be contaminating itself with a process step that is being overlooked. Sometimes the issue is not a process problem and is an issue with the building itself. Sometimes it is both a process and a building issue.

What is the mapping process?

The facility contamination mapping process begins by utilizing a third-party non-biased Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) to take environmental samples from many different areas of the facility.


Sampling & Testing

All samples are profiled at an accredited laboratory, and a report of the findings is generated for the facility team.


Perfect Team

We work together with the CIH team to design a facility specific decontamination protocol based on the lab report.


Containment Solutions

Using custom built negative air containment solutions, the contaminated zones of the facility are separated and contained using HEPA filtered air scrubbing units.


Contamination Remediation

The contaminated areas of the facility are remediated with Canna Klean & Remediation’s patent-pending decontamination process.


After Decontamination

After the decontamination is complete, the CIH team re-tests the newly cleaned zones to verify that the remediation process was a success. Each zone is separately cleared, and the containment is removed after the test results come back proving the contamination is no longer a factor.


Retest For Success

If the re-tested area fails testing for contamination, the remediation process is repeated, and another re-test is performed. This process continues until the test results are clear. 



Successful Results.

When looking for invisible enemies like mold and bacteria, using a science-based process takes the guesswork out of the equation. Data drives all Canna Klean & Remediation’s decisions and contributes to a successful remediation project. Start your remediation process today.