Maximize Profits with Seamless Flower Room Turnovers!

Streamline your cannabis facility’s efficiency and profitability with our flower room turnover service, which reduces sanitation labor, lowers COGS, enhances cleanliness standards, and boosts yearly facility turnover percentage.

State-of-the-Art Cannabis Cultivation Facility Maintenance

Flower Room Turnover Service

Enhance your cannabis facility’s efficiency with our streamlined flower room turnover services. We expertly clean and sanitize, ensuring a contaminant-free space for the next crop. Tailored to your production schedule, we specialize in decontaminating dry cure and processing rooms. Opt for recurring deep cleaning to maintain a spotless, pathogen-free facility. Use our ROI calculator for precise savings estimates!

24/7 Disaster Response

We offer cannabis facility disaster response for: Water Damage, Fire Damage, Soot & Smoke Damage, Mold Removal/Remediation and Stain Removal, Sewer/Drain Backup Damage, HVAC Decontamination, and more.

Canna Klean handles all direct billing to your insurance company and works with your insurance adjuster throughout the whole disaster process. 

There is no other company like Canna Klean! We know the logistics and correct chemistries and methods to use inside cannabis facilities and dispensaries; helping your organization maintain compliance, protect all future crops, and save your company’s bottom line.

Environmental Decontamination

We use our state-of-the-art, patent pending, 4-step building decontamination process to return your cultivation facility to better than pre-contaminant levels.

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Cultivation Facility Deep Cleaning Programs & Maintenance Schedules

After a building remediation, utilizing a proper cleaning program to maintain a mold- and microbial-free environment is paramount to your company’s success. Canna Klean offers cultivation facility cleaning SOPs and schedules to ensure your facilities’ maintenance and sanitation teams are using the best cleaning practices in the industry to maintain your decontaminated building.

Cultivation Process & Facility Contamination Mapping

Canna Klean thoroughly scans and investigates every square inch of your cultivation facility. Working side by side with 3rd party non-bias industrial hygienists we get to the source and underlying root cause of any cannabis facility contamination. We follow strict protocols to eliminate all threats to your cannabis company’s bottom line.

Cultivation Compliant Procedures

Canna Klean cleans your cultivation facility correctly, allowing you to get your failing products back on the market and testing clean. We use cultivation compliant procedures and understand the high level of compliance needed to work within a cannabis cultivation facility and around a high value crop.

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The Canna Klean Difference

Are you struggling with contamination issues in your cannabis facility? Look no further! We work with a team of 3rd party unbiased industrial hygienists that help us to uncover and solve any issues. With our strict protocols and expertise in contamination mapping, we guarantee to protect your cannabis company’s profits. Don’t waste time chasing invisible enemies – let us fight for you! If repeated failing tests are becoming a problem, turn to Canna Klean for the solution.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Canna Klean is to help cannabis cultivation facilities maintain positive cash flow by keeping their cultivation environments clean and free of any contamination. A contaminated cannabis cultivation facility can quickly turn into a distressed asset. We pride ourselves on decontaminating cannabis facilities with minimal disruption to production.

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Are you having issues in your facility? Do you have questions about our services? Send us a message!


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Are you having issues in your facility? Do you have questions about our services? Send us a message!



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